Past Articles from the SCWS Newsletter


Microchip Identification - Is It Right for Your Pet?
Amazing Power of a Dog’s Sense Of Smell


Three Common Dog Training Mistakes
Different Training For Different Breeds
Busy, Busy, Busy
Diabetes Study in Samoyeds
LOST DOG - and what to do before it happens
A Rescue Story
Bloat Chart  (PDF, opens in new window)
Arrow's Weightpull
Barking Dogs Have Something to Say
“What was it like to be owned by Jake??”
AKC Podcasts
What You Can Learn from Training Your Dog
I Am A Breeder


Dog Trivia
Top Ten Pet Hazards in 2006
Adding to the Pack
A Story of Bloat
Symptoms of Bloat
Keeping Your Canine Cool This Summer
Dog Terms Defined
Dog Ownership Brings Families Together
AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
How Do I Crate Train My Dog?
Is Your Pet Hiding Its Pain?
Therapy Dog Material
The Healthier Way to Homemade Dog Treats & Cookies
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
A Dog's Christmas Promises


Therapy Dog Helps Ease the Pain
Those Working Samoyeds
You Know You Are A Dog Person When ...
Artificial Sweeteners and Pets
Dominos and Dog Food - by Dave Wiley
Dog Trivia
Cocoa Mulch Toxicity
Separation Anxiety
Parasites: Giardia & Whipworm
A Little Fun
Don Duncan, 2007 Serum Run Musher
Animal Behaviorist Offers Pet Safety Tips
Holiday Pet Dangers
A Letter to Santa


Man's Best Friend - by Dave Barry
Puppy Size
Dog Shows - What's It All About?
Whatever It Takes
Airlines Must Tally Pet Casualties
My Dog is Lost! What Do I Do?
Ariel Does the National
Sammy Olympics
A Recipe for Puppy Pie
Doggy Dictionary
Today is Christmas - by Dave Wiley
Dog Rules, Simplified for Humans


Snow Dogs
If I Didn't Have Dogs
Lawn Chemicals Linked to Dog Cancer
Where's the Cheese?
A Christmas Story


Working Dogs
Disaster Preparedness For Pets
Going to a Dog Show in Your R.V.
Points to Ponder
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Delta Society Pet Partners Training
Bloat - The Mother of All Emergencies
Dog First Aid Kit Essentials
Brushing Your Dog's Teeth
Antifreeze Poisoning
What Ever Happened to Good Breeding?
Monsters in the Closet
Music - My Heart Song
'Twas the Night Before Christmas


Body Language Matters
I Will Remember Ono
Canine Acupuncture
Springtime Safety
Acclimating to a Crate
Checking for External Parasites
A Light-Hearted Look at Names
Delta Society
Rally Obedience - AKC's Newest Sport
Nail Clipping Can Be Easier
Cassie Samoyed, R.N.
Items Toxic to Your Pet
A Christmas Beginning


Things I Learned Showing Dogs
Over the Counter Drugs and Your Dog
Agility: There Has to be a First Time
First Aid Kit for Dogs
Tick Borne Diseases
Puppy Mills
Digging: An Instinctive Behavior
Fly Ball
The Forgotten Victims
Search and Rescue
Obesity in Pets
The Alpha Factor
A Christmas Fantasy
It's A Bite!

These articles appeared in the Woo Woo Review, the newsletter of the Samoyed Club of Washington State
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