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Dog Trivia - Entertainment

1. What is the name of the Bionic Dog from The Bionic Woman TV series?

2. In the 1995 movie "Napoleon", which breed is Napoleon?

3. What was the name of the dog put on trial for stealing cheese in Aristophanes' play "Wasps"? Was it Labes, Laelaps, Cerberus, or Argus?

4. Written and directed by French actress Cecile Aubrey, this cartoon focused on a young lad named Sebastian and his dog. What is the name of the dog?

5. Who is known as "Mr. Westminster" or "The Voice of Westminster"? Is Joe Garagiola, Roger Caras, Bob Costas, or Dennis Miller?

6. Name the title of the 1953 hit dog-song by Patti Page.

7. What was the name of cowboy Roy Rogers' dog?

8. In the 1966 movie "The Ugly Dachshund," which breed is the ugly dachshund?

9. What was the name of the dog in The Thin Man movie series?

10. Which breed were artist Pablo Picasso's dogs?

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Dog Trivia Answers

1. Maximillian (Max) is the name of the bionic German Shepherd in The Bionic Woman TV series

2. Napoleon, a curious Golden Retriever puppy who is thrilled by reports of dogs living in the wild, drifts away from home in a hot-air balloon. Dismayed by danger and nature's hardships, he returns home with the help of his new wild friends.

3. Labes was the name of the dog put on trial for stealing cheese in Aristophanes' play 'Wasps'. In 422 B.C. Aristophanes was a well known comic poet.

'Wasps' makes fun of the Athenian passion for hearing lawsuits. Labes, on trial for his life, brings his pups into the courtroom to whine for him.

4. Belle was the name of Sebastian's dog in the animated cartoon series 'Belle and Sebastian'. The cartoon easily found an audience due to its sensitive portrayal of the two friends and how they dealt with adversity together.

5. Roger Caras is known as "The Voice of Wesminster", or "Mr. Westminster".

Caras believes that humane advocacy is best accomplished when lines of communication are kept open with those who hold differing views.

6. Patti Page is famous for the 1953 hit song (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window

7. Bullet (The Wonder Dog) was the name of Roy Rogers' dog.

8. This was a Great Dane

9. The dog was a Wire Haired Terrier named Asta

10. Pablo Picasso had several Afghan Hounds. He also had other breeds, including a Dalmatian and Ibizan Hound.