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How Do I Crate Train My Dog?

Crate training is a great way to help your dog feel comfortable and secure while you are away and will protect your house from damage caused by anxious pups. When you are gone dogs can either sleep or get in trouble. If you limit their options by providing a site where all they can do is sleep, you will save your house and protect your pet from harm.

Here are some ideas to help your dog make the adjustment to their crate:

  • Get a crate of adequate size (large enough to allow your dog to stand and move comfortably) to accommodate your dog.
  • Place a towel in the bottom of the crate to keep him warm.
  • Give your dog appropriate toys (chew toys, kong, etc) to play with in the crate.
  • Always feed your dog in his crate.
  • At first, just get him used to going in the crate without closing the door or leaving him.
  • Start by leaving him alone in the crate with the door closed for a few minutes and gradually build up to leaving him for several hours at a time.
  • Don’t make a big deal of coming home. Don’t rush to let your dog out of the crate or he will look forward to the event too much. Let him out of the crate only after he has been quiet and calm for a few minutes.

For more information about crate training, ask your veterinarian about AAHA’s Crate Training behavior pamphlet.