2003 Articles

Dog First Aid Kit Essentials

In addition to the first aid items list below, never leave home without plenty of water & food (bowls) as well as baggies (for scooping poop) wherever you take your dog!

Two rolls 4″ VetWrap
One roll of I” vet tape (non stick)
Ace self-adhering athletic bandage
Sterile & non-sterile (non-adherent) pads
Surgical scissors (type with blunt end on one jaw)
Small hair trimming scissors
Nail trimmers
Hemostats (Pliers)
Muzzle for dog

(*Even if the injury is minor, for you and your dog’s safety, use the muzzle when examining the injury or moving an injured dog. Biting from pain is a reflex action.)

Topical Treatments
Neosporin ointment
Styptic Powder
8 oz (or more) of Hydrogen Peroxide
Saline solution
White petroleum jelly (Vaseline or similar)
Eye wash
Ear syringe (2 oz. Capacity)
Can of bag balm (for footpads)
Hydrocortisone acetate (1% cream)
Ice compresses (chemical ones are handy)
Super glue for wounds

Pepcid AC
Buffered Aspirin (at least 50 tabs, use children’s doses)
25 mg Benedryl (20 tabs, use children’s doses)
Pepto bismol or Kaopectate tablets

Vet’s phone number
Health record/vaccination records/Medicines
First Aid Book
Spare collar/leash
Ziploc Bags