This Code of Ethics is presented as an informative guide for breeders, potential breeders, owners and exhibitors of Samoyeds, whose aims should be the welfare and improvement of the breed. The constitution of the Samoyed Club of Washington State, Inc., states that the club "Shall do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of the breed". In applying for membership, applicants agree to further the Clubís objectives and conduct all their activities in connection with the breed in accordance with this Code of Ethics. A member of the SCWS conducts their activities as follows:


Each litter is the result of conscientious planning including consideration of the parentís freedom from hereditary defects, type, soundness, temperament and general conformance to the official standard of the breed. SCWS members must be particularly concerned with proper placement of puppies, both pet and show potential.

SCWS members only breed healthy, mature Samoyed adults, preferably 24 months of age, but at least 18 months of age. Prior to breeding any Samoyed, SCWS members obtain certification that its hips are normal from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), an equivalent foreign registry, or from a board approved radiologist and has its eyes certified free from genetically transmitted defects by a certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. SCWS members knowingly breed Samoyeds only to other registered Samoyeds. They urge purchasers to spay or neuter those Samoyeds which, for any reason, will not be used for breeding and try themselves to properly safeguard unspayed bitches and unneutered dogs from unplanned matings.


SCWS members follow the guidelines of good kennel practice and provide all Samoyeds with maximum protection against communicable disease, consulting as necessary with a licensed veterinarian. SCWS members will not exhibit, release, or otherwise expose any Samoyed which is known to have been exposed to a communicable disease until the end of the incubation period for that disease.

Members conscientiously attempt to maintain each Samoyed in the best condition practicable, allowing proper healthful spacing between litters and stud services.


SCWS members do not sell, consign, or transfer puppies or adults to pet shops, wholesale dealers, contest sponsors, or anyone who is know to degrade the Samoyed breed or purebred dogs, or to individuals contemplating breeding/raising Samoyeds merely as a money-making scheme. Members do not sell Samoyeds in litter lots or in groups. SCWS members provide and require written agreements signed by all parties prior to all transactions, sales, leases, services and accordingly, deliver all forms required for registration. SCWS members urge purchasers to spay or neuter any Samoyed who will not be shown in conformation, utilizing limited registration as appropriate. SCWS members do not actually transfer puppies at new homes until they are at least 7 weeks of age.


SCWS members accurately register their Samoyeds with the American Kennel Club and abide by the rules and regulations of AKC. They keep accurate records of matings, pedigrees and sales (or transfers) and pass on only accurate records to purchasers of stock or services. They will not under any circumstances, knowingly be a part of or contribute to false registration. They also inform all purchasers of their stock and all other Samoyed owners of the existence and benefits of Samoyed Club of America (SCA) membership.


SCWS members, in all activities, exhibit their Samoyeds in a manner that reflects a high regard for good sportsmanship, integrity of the breed and respect for other exhibitors. They avidly support conformation judging according to the breed standard as the only standard for conformation judging. In all activities related to exhibition or competition of any kind, they will not show or exhibit Samoyeds which are not clean and groomed for public exhibition. They handle themselves and their Samoyeds in a manner reflecting credit to the breed and its fancy.

When traveling with Samoyeds, the SCWS members takes reasonable precautions to maintain hotels, exhibition show grounds, and all public areas of involvement in a clean and respectable condition.

When confronted by a situation not covered by this Code of Ethics, SCWS members conduct themselves in the best interest of the breed and as they would like to be treated in similar circumstances.

Failure to conduct oneself in compliance with the Code of Ethics shall be considered prejudicial to the best interests of the Samoyed breed.

I have read, understand and agree to conduct myself in accordance with the Samoyed Club of Washington Stateís Code of Ethics.