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American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Health Foundation Debut Podcast Series
– Topics highlight Breeders Symposia and CHF grant recipients –

RALEIGH, NC – The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation are pleased to debut their new podcast series, featuring lectures from the highly successful AKC-CHF Breeders Symposia. Future podcasts will also provide responsible breeders and pet owners an inside look at the work being done by the AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Launched four years ago by the AKC and the AKC CHF, the Breeders Symposia target novice and expert breeders alike. They offer an ideal opportunity to learn about sound breeding practices and advances in genetic health tests. Presentations include basic and applied genetics, anatomy and physiology, breeding techniques and updates on the AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation. The podcasts will feature leading scientists and researchers who have spoken at AKC-CHF Breeder Symposia as well as CHF grant recipients. New podcasts will be released every two weeks and can be accessed from either the American Kennel Club website or the AKC Canine Health Foundation website – click on “Podcasts.” They will also be available on Apple’s iTunes®.   click here to VIEW the AKC podcast page

Currently posted podcasts are:
• Matthew Ellinwood DVM, PhD discussing how the field of genetics can assist in developing the tools necessary for responsible breeders.
• Sharon Center DVM talks about the research being done to correct some common genetic liver disorders.
• Dr. Lynn Kaufman discusses common reproduction issues.

The podcast series will be the AKC Canine Health Foundation’s audio portal to exciting presenters, researchers, and investigators demonstrating their expertise and experience in the fight against canine health disorders and disease,” states Cindy Vogels, president of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. “AKCCHF-funded researchers and experts will offer their keen insight and findings on research studies involving those diseases which are of greatest concern to the dog-owning and breeding communities and we’re proud to feature them in this way.

“The American Kennel Club is pleased to support both the Breeders Symposia and the podcast series, which will enable anyone interested in better breeding to access this important information,” states Ron Rella, the American Kennel Club’s Director of Project Administration. “Future podcasts will include overviews of AKC initiatives such as Public Education, Companion Animal Recovery, Government Relations, and Veterinary Outreach among others. We hope to offer an ‘inside view’ of the AKC and its outstanding programs and services which truly make us the ‘dog’s champion.’”